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Hey guys!! So i think its about time i finally have my own faves page soo here are the rules:
• No. 1 rule: HAVE A RAD BLOG (i’m pretty sure you all do).
• Reblog this at least once.
• Likes dont count. Likes are only for bookmarks.
• Sorry but pbf me. If you’re not following then there might be 0.01% of chance for you to be chosen and anyways you won’t regret it ahaha ;)
• Blog style doesn’t matter guys!!
For a higher chance:
• Reblog this more than once to get more noticed.
• Have the same or at least close to my blog style.
• Talk to me and be my friend! :)
• You get to have a new friend yay! (i’ll be following you also of course)
• I will love you forever and a special place in my heart aww
• You are someone’s favorite and that makes you special
• And most importantly, you’ll be feautured in a link in my blog :)

Okay, I guess that’s about it. I’ll be choosing about 15-20 blogs (or more, it really depends). I hope you guys would reblog this, it would really make me happy! :)