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"How do you two know each other?"

*makes up ridiculous lie to not have to say you met on the Internet*

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He pushed away the pain so hard, he disconnected himself from the person he loved the most. Sometimes when you win, you lose.

- Robin Williams (as Chris Nielsen)



they should replace hospital gowns with colourful mexican ponchos because they’re kinda similar and no one could be sad 

if we’re gonna die let’s die looking like a peruvian folk band


you dont know frustration until youve tried plugging something into a socket in the dark

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I’m constantly embarrassed. I fidget and twist my hair and pull weird faces and stutter. Some days I feel quite confident, then others there’s a microscopic flaw about myself physically, which will make me embarrassed to walk the streets.

- Graham Coxon  (via kauhu)

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